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Adam Smith
Director / Journalist

Adviser PR

Adviser PR was launched by Adam Smith in June 2018.

Adam’s media career spans more than two decades, during which time he has held a wide range of positions on local and national newspapers, ranging from reporter to editor of a series of newspapers in Berkshire.

Deciding on a career change, Adam ‘went back to school’ and successfully completed a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Advice with the London School of Banking and Finance.

He then immersed himself in the world of financial planning, getting to know the industry and what makes financial advisers tick, including the many challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

Adam discovered that one of the main areas of need for advisers across the board was help in generating a steady stream of new clients.

So he decided to put his experience to good use and set up Adviser PR.

Our ethos is very much about creating a buzz around your business by generating stories and content that people want to read.

This can then be disseminated through a wide range of channels to help you become the go-to adviser in your area.

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